Do You Think Building A Million Dollar Tree Business Is Out Of Your Reach?



Well, If You Do, Put Every Thing Down RIGHT NOW, And Check This Out!

Why should you, you ask?

Well, maybe for these six important and brutally honest reasons:


  1. You are very unhappy (disgusted?) with the money you get to take home from your tree or landscape business.
  2. You would be thrilled to do LESS bidding, checking on your crew, having to do the work yourself, working terrible hours, another words, LESS hard work but make MORE money.
  3. You detest “week-end bandits and fly-by-night operators” and would prefer to promote your services differently.
  4. You are a great Arborist, climber or tree person, but you don’t know beans about marketing and getting customers to make your phone ring.
  5. You are sick and tired of all the so-called advertising experts from Val-Pak, Money Mailer and the Yellow Page Company’s that sell advertising that never works.
  6. The thought of another slow season makes you want to join the military.


If you know in your heart that you should make more money, I’ve got the proven, very different marketing secrets that can blow the lid off your income, in what will seem like over night.


So, you need Marketing that works for your business growth…and

  • You want to embrace it, but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Overwhelmed with all the choices, prices and ‘experts’ in this arena?
  • Wonder why some are getting great results and you just seem to be spinning your wheels?
  • You’re tired of investing hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars on yellow pages and mail-outs that aren’t helping?
  • Are so busy working IN your own business you don’t have time to figure this out?

This is where I come in.

I am NOT a “Big Time” Company CEO. Far from it.

The truth is, I’m a tree service business owner. A Consulting and Certified Arborist. A speaker. An author. A dad. Husband. Even a granddad.

I was resistant to Marketing and Advertizing at first. After all, trying to keep my head above water, payroll, employees, my marriage and trying to have a life as well – I sure didn’t need ONE more thing! (I’m sure you’ve felt like that too!)

But my results using Emotional Direct Response Marketing have been nothing short of astounding. I don’t mean just my call numbers.


As a direct result of a new, marketing mindset:

  • I was approached by multiple buyers with a lucrative buy-out (no, I haven’t accepted – yet!).
  • I neither work on a crew nor sale landscape or tree services.
  • I setup systems that DO NOT require I show up at the office each day.
  • My bottom line has increased by multiple figures, JUST because of my marketing systems & credibility.
  • My client list and lead generation list continues to grow.
  • Great prospects y word of month in new areas call me without me contacting them.
  • PLUS I have a great finger on the pulse of my market, so I can be responsive (not reactive!)

So back to the original issue…

You want effective, less expensive marketing and advertising that brings in better, more profitable clients.

But, you don’t know how to make it work and don’t have the time to immerse yourself into hours and hours of learning!

I hear you! And that’s why I’m introducing (insert drum roll here) EXPERT MARKETING ACADEMY, for the tree and landscape business owner.


Its “Getting More Clients, MADE SIMPLE”.


The truth is – you don’t want to be an expert. You just want rapid results.

You want to NOT be invisible in your market and you want to know how to make that happen without LIVING at your office.

So, I’m going to hold your hand through this process…


Weekly, on Fridays…I’ll send you:

  • An immediately actionable, implementable marketing strategy or tactic that is working
  • We will focus on a different area weekly: Referrals, Getting New Clients, Writing An Ad, Making More From Existing Clients, and Advanced Techniques.
  • Email questions or suggestions that you can send me RIGHT NOW.
  • This might be a brief audio, a short video, screenshots or even written instructions

Dear John Davis,

I saw your add last year in . . . in a T.C.I. Magazine. At the time, it seemed to me your claims of what you could do for my tree service . . . were exaggerated to say the least. But I felt if even one quarter of what you said was true it would be a worthwhile investment.

. . . after investing in your program and implementing approximately fifteen of your ninety-nine recommended marketing concepts I can honestly say I have doubled my take home pay and quite possibly, my company is running three times smoother and much more professionally . . . .

You have been of great help to me personally and professionally. I look forward to implementing all of your marketing concepts as soon as possible.

Thank you for all your help.
Contractor’s License #830694
Certified Arborist #0567


Dale D. Roley


This will likely be the most user-friendly online learning you’ve ever had.

There is no long-term commitment. And there is no mortgage on your house or signature loan required.

ONLY $27 per month  It’s FREE


But I don’t have time, John…

I’ll be brutally honest. I personally don’t have time for hours and hours of more coaching and teaching either! My current clients keep me busy & lovin it! But this will be super simple to digest and simple to implement. If you have a question or concern or need some clarification – you can pop me an email and I’m happy to answer!!

This will NOT be something you have to file away and ‘find time for’ later. I can promise you that. Set aside about 25 to 45 minutes once a week to open the email, read it (or listen) and implement. Then move on with your amazing life!

Dear John:

. . . upon acquiring your marketing program, we have implemented thank you letters for all jobs completed and for all estimates given. . . . tracked our sales source, . . . added a written guarantee to all our ads and all our literature.

We began the program during the first quarter of 2005, and our net profits have increased by $40,000 through August 31, 2005. Our hopes are the implement three or four more of J. Davis’s procedures to increase our bottom line even further next year.

We highly recommend this marketing program for any service company that is interested in growing their business.


Geoff Condren, Condren Tree Service, Plano, Texas

Just $27/mo. FREE — that’s it…Really!

  • What if you get one new lead, what is that worth?
  • What if you met someone influential in your industry that led to doubling or tripling referrals? I will show the strategies to do just that. Put a price on that.
  • What if you increase your client value by ONLY 5% ? Thousands of additional profits over the years! (more time to goof off)

We can agree that is likely to happen with ANY of the weekly lessons and you’ll get 4 (sometimes 5) per month!! Is that worth just $27/mo. FREE ?

Let’s streamline and simplify. Let’s focus on results and not busy-work for you!


I look forward to helping you Simplify! Register today!


P.S. Already great at marketing? Perfect! You probably don’t need this! However, at least one week of every month will focus on advanced stealth strategies I received from some of my ‘expert’ friends for some off the radar tactics. You and I will BOTH learn!

P.S.S. Still not sure? Try it for a month. It’s FREE — I promise not to make sad faces at you or blacklist you in our industry if you cancel

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